Rainman V3 Driver & System Update Instruction

  • Rainman update

    The Rainman V3 board will be upgraded continously. This tutorial is based on the Linux system to show how to update the Rainman V3 system.

    1. License file backup

    Each Raiman board has a license file. You need to back up the license file before update. The path of the license file licensehw.dat is /var/corerain/ on the board. Save the file in the user's local directory before proceeding with the board update. You can use scp to copy files from Rainman V3 board.

    2. Download new driver image files under Ubuntu

    Download image from Corerain share link:

    Click Actions to download the image to local Ubuntu system:
    Image Download.PNG

    3. Dirver update

    1. Insert the SD card to your PC with a SD card reader.

    2. Find your SD card with sudo fdisk -l, here we assume the SD card path is /dev/sdb

    3. Use df -h to check if the sd card is mounted. If there is a mount point, use umount --all to unmount all partition, otherwise skip this step.

    4. Build a system. Note in this step that the image is burned to the device, not the partition of the device. Use the following command to load the image to the SD card.

      sudo dd if=~/rainmanOS.img of=/dev/sdb status=progress
    5. After burning image, insert the SD card back to Rainman V3's card slot, which is the top slot.

    At this stage, the driver update has been done.

    4. Updat license file

    1. Enter the Rainman board with ssh.

    2. Copy the backup license file to /var/corerain.

    3. Execute ./checklicense/check.sh to verify the license. If the license is successfully checked out, “license vaild” will display after executing the command, as shown below.

      searching license from default path:  /var/corerain/licensehw.dat
      license valid.

    Congratulations on completing the update of the RainmanV3b board!